The pitter patter of tiny feet!

Introducing my latest pieces of artwork, featuring adorable and colourful baby birds perched upon a tree branch amidst the gentle raindrops. Each stroke of my brush, trying to capture their cuteness, emphasizing their fluffy feathers in an array of enchanting soft pastel colours.

It all began with a heartfelt inspiration to create a piece for a new addition to our family, destined to be on a wall in their cosy nursery. Gifting them my painting was like giving them a tiny fragment of joy and beauty; an everlasting reminder that our new arrival is loved beyond measure.

Unable to resist the allure of this feathered darling, I couldn’t stop at just one creation – four more paintings followed suit! Each stroke of paint lovingly applied, allowing me to convey not only their undeniable cuteness, but also the soothing ambiance created by raindrops gently caressing nature’s elements.

I’m absolutely delighted with these cute pictures, and this series holds immense sentimental value – it’s like bottling pure happiness and sprinkling it throughout your precious space.

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