Jellyfish in Underwater Scene

Jellyfish – Blender 3D

Taken from an Ian Hubert Tutorial creating this underwater scene with leisurely Jellyfish took around 20 hours. The Jellyfish themselves are relatively simple geometrically, as you can see below, most of their jelly-ness comes from the cloth and physics simulations that drive their floppy bits and pulsing motion.

Newtonian Library – Blender 3D

Another ill-fated competition entry to This futuristic library staffed by metal owls unfortunately didn’t catch the judges eye, and took about 80 hours to complete. Strangely, my favourite part of the whole thing is the fire extinguisher in the bottom right quadrant…as simple as it looks, it was a very complicated but fun beastie

Iced Donut – Blender 3D

Initially created from the iconic Blender 3D Tutorial from Andrew Price, this tasty iced donut and coffee not only look exceptionally realistic and tasty, but the skills learned during the process have proven absolultely invaluable. The image below shows the first pass, it’s ok, but as the software functionality and quality increases over time, the

Space Freighter – Blender 3D

Originally created for a competition on this space freighter took over 100 hours to create, and pushed my graphics card to it’s absolute limit. This still shot, took over 11 hours to render at 1920 x 1080 pixels – pretty bonkers! For anyone who might be wondering…it got absolutely nowhere in the competition, in

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