Still Life Canvas Wall Art: Flowers in Vases

A Glimpse into the World of Floral Art: My Passion for Painting Flowers in Vases

Welcome to the enchanting world of floral art, where colours burst into life and petals dance with my brushstrokes! I’ve had a secret desire for painting flowers since an early age, inspired by the frequent arrangement of flowers on the table back home. I remember my mum saying they couldn’t really afford to have such niceties, but my dad always expressed his appreciation of her, for juggling her work with looking after the house, and me, through this token of love. I’d watch the bouquets blossoming from day to day, and I just wanted to capture those fond memories.

A Still Life Painting of Daffodils in a Pewter Jug
A Still Life Painting of Lavender sprigs in a ceramic Jug
A Still Life Painting of Tulips in a Pewter Jug

One of my most influential historical artists in Botanical Still-Life paintings was Pierre-Joseph Redouté – an artist from France. I guess he’s influence also resonated with me and my aspiration for travelling to Paris – the City of Art. His intricate, lifelike depictions of his botanical illustrations captured the essence and beauty of each flower and continue to inspire artists, including myself, today.

In this collection of artworks, I started by choosing the type of flowers and its surroundings, to make my beautiful floral paintings. I decided on a colour palette, influenced by the colour of the flowers, and other contrasting colours that complement the scene. It was important to me to convey the mood and emotion of each piece so that it reminded me of a true gentleman, my dad.

Floral art is a beautiful and delicate form of art that has the power to captivate its viewers with its intricate details and artistic expression. One of the key elements that sets floral art apart from other forms of painting is the attention to detail. This meticulous focus on even the smallest parts of a flower or a vase can completely transform a piece into a stunning work of art.

Attention to detail in floral art means paying close attention to every aspect and feature of the subject being painted. This includes not only the flowers themselves but also their stems, leaves, petals, and even imperfections! Not everything is 100% perfect every time, especially living things, is it? Still-Life involves careful observation of light, shadow, and colour variation within each element. By carefully studying these details, I was able to capture the essence and beauty of real-life flowers onto the canvas, elevating the overall quality and impact of the floral paintings.

A painting of the center of a Red Poppy

Should you wish to try Still-Life Floral Art, I recommend gathering all your materials at the start, having plenty of time to create, sketch out your design, and practice drawing the structures of the flowers, first. This is important. By sketching your design, you can visualise the composition and make changes where necessary.

As an artist, I have always been captivated by the beauty and intricacy of floral art. However, when it comes to painting flowers in vases, there are certain challenges that one must face. One of the biggest challenges I faced while painting flowers in vases was creating a balanced composition.

Unlike painting landscapes or portraits where you have natural elements like trees or human figures to guide your composition, painting flowers in vases requires you to carefully arrange the placement of each element on your canvas. This includes not only the position of the vase but also the size and colour balance of the flowers within it. It took me some time to learn how to create a visually pleasing composition that highlights both the vase and flowers.

Another challenge is getting the perspective right while painting flowers in vases. Vases come in all shapes and sizes, from tall slender ones to short round ones, each with its unique perspective and proportions. When combined with different types of flower arrangements, achieving accurate perspective can be quite tricky. I would practice and experiment before I could confidently portray different vase shapes realistically on my canvas.

A Still Life Painting of blue Forget-me-Nots in a Pewter Jug
A Still Life Painting of Fushia in a Pewter Jug

Painting has been a passion of mine since I can remember. There is something about the process of mixing colours, creating textures, and bringing a blank canvas to life that fills me with joy and fulfilment. However, out of all the subjects I have painted, flowers in vases hold a special place in my heart. This may come as no surprise to many, as floral art has been popular for centuries and continues to capture the hearts of many artists today. But for me, painting flowers in vases goes beyond just creating another pretty picture. It evokes memories of the bunches of flowers that my dad would bring home, which you would see, displayed in the centre of the table.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for many artists and it’s no different for me. The beauty and intricate details found in each flower never fails to amaze me. And by placing them within the confines of a vase, I am able to create my own little world where these delicate blooms are preserved forever.

Painting flowers in vases also allows me to play with composition and arrangement. The placement of each flower within the vase requires careful consideration and must have a purpose for me. How they interact with one another, how they fill up space or leave negative spaces, how their shapes contrast or complement each other – all these elements add depth and interest to the final artwork. It’s like solving a puzzle that combines aesthetics with storytelling!

These designs will soon be available as canvas wall art, and have now been made available on fabric for our luxury organic cushions.

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