Concept and Experimental Art – Sven Christensen

3D Modelling Software Creations

Those who know me, will know that I love to experiment, and to play with 3D software alongside the ‘grown-up’ and Real-World Art. It provides a freedom of expression which is difficult to achieve sometimes sitting at an easel or digital tablet, and is a fun way to create animations which I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do.

In January 2020, I started to play with a piece of software called Blender, this free software is surprisingly powerful and has evolved over many years into one of the foremost 3D modelling applications, and is now commonly used by Film Studios and Blue-Chip Architects to create stunningly realistic visuals, and fantastic quality physics, special effects and animations. The continual development of the software was solely dependent on the generosity of the community including ourselves, but with the uptake of the software by the Film, Design and CGI Titans, funding is rarely in short-supply these days. That said, we still support it to show our appreciation for their tireless efforts and generosity in providing such amazingly capable software for free to the Art Community.

Although I’m not an expert by any means, using Blender has helped me to create some interesting art, and to indulge my love of Science Fiction. There are far more talented people out there, Ian Hubert, Zach Reinhardt, Andrew Price, CGMatter and Nathan Duck for instance, but it’s still fun for me to share my work, hope you like it.

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