Fantasy Art

A rainbow coloured fluffy bird perched on a tree branch, in the rain

The pitter patter of tiny feet!

Introducing my latest pieces of artwork, featuring adorable and colourful baby birds perched upon a tree branch amidst the gentle raindrops. Each stroke of my brush, trying to capture their cuteness, emphasizing their fluffy feathers in an array of enchanting soft pastel colours. It all began with a heartfelt inspiration to create a piece for

A painting of a fictional baby Dragon Hatchling on a cloud

Meet Anna’s Dragon Hatchlings!

Welcome to a world teeming with mythical creatures and enchanting tales!  Today, we are embarking on an extraordinary adventure as we peek into the hidden realm of dragons. Brace yourselves, for it is time to meet Anna Hardy’s Dragon Hatchlings – adorable little beasts whose fiery spirits and playful antics will capture your heart in

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