Breakthru One – Surreal Canvas Wall Art

Enter a world where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and where creativity has no limits. Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Surreal Art! In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through this captivating world, delving into its origins, prominent artists, and significant impact on modern art. Get ready to be enthralled by mind-bending visuals that challenge your perception and transport you to a realm full of boundless possibilities. So buckle up as we plunge into the mysterious depths of Surreal Art!

Surreal Art, at its essence, delves into the illogical and unconscious aspects of the human psyche. This movement defies conventional understandings of reality and pushes the limits of creativity. Its practitioners strive to capture otherworldly landscapes that blur the distinction between fantasy and truth, frequently incorporating elements like unconventional pairings, dreamy visuals, and symbolic motifs.

A key aspect of Surreal Art is its power to elicit powerful feelings and provoke contemplation in its audience. Artists of this genre explore profound psychological concepts such as longing, anxiety, and self-discovery in their works. By tapping into our shared subconscious, they invite us on a voyage through unfamiliar realms where reason takes a backseat.

Surrealist pieces frequently incorporate unusual themes or altered viewpoints that push the boundaries of our understanding. They prompt us to scrutinize what lies in front of us – are these strange depictions fragments of a dream or glimpses into parallel universes? This uncertainty permits personal analysis, enabling every observer to establish their own distinct relationship with the artwork. When it comes to producing Surreal Art, artists have a range of techniques at their disposal. These may involve using different forms such as painting, sculpture, photography or digital art. The versatility within this genre offers boundless opportunities for exploring various materials and approaches.

Surrealism has greatly influenced the art world throughout history, from Salvador Dalí’s famous melting clocks in “The Persistence of Memory” to René Magritte’s thought-provoking works such as “The Treachery (or Perfidy) Of Images” which challenge our perception of reality.

A piece of Canvas Wall Art showing distant cityscape thru a hole blasted thru a white wall.

In this first Breakthru Collection, Sven has created Canvas Wall Art which shows holes blasted through walls, revealing distant, and often Futuristic, Cityscapes beyond. On neutral coloured walls, these are especially effective in creating the illusion of an actual hole in the wall. The designs are also available on Hardy and Christensen’s range of Luxury Organic Cushions, which is a really interesting and funky effect.

A piece of Canvas Wall Art and Luxury Organic Cushions showing distant cityscape thru a hole blasted thru a white wall.

Sven has also created a second collection of Breakthru Images which will be released shortly – so please check back soon.

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