Black/Red/Orange – Abstract Linear Geometrics

It’s been fantastic to spend some time back in the studio after the Christmas rush at Hardy & Christensen. Now that we are all shipped out and chilling, just a little, as we move toward 2024, both myself and Anna have been able to finish off some of our art projects, and to start some more.

I’ve been working on a series of abstract paintings for a little while, on and off, and have been delighting in the freedom of colour choices, composition and shape.

In this latest collection, the strong black base colour really emphasises the vivid red and orange tones, with the overlapping layers providing a depth and visual interest that is really enjoyable to create.

Using different thicknesses / viscosities of paint, allows shapes and accents to be overlaid without disturbing the underlying forms. It also allows some of the texture to be retained, adding an extra visual element which reveals the physical nature of the painting.

Each of the recent colllections contains eight paintings, which are broadly split into two groups: Abstract, Linear, Geometric with bold colours and strong shapes, and the Harmony / Symphonic set which carry softer colour palettes and work to bring a gentle, complementary visual appeal.

Each of the collections will be made available in our store in the new year, but for the moment, we are delighted to finally be able to share them with you.

Painting: Black/Orange/Red - Accented Normalcy -I
Black/Orange/Red – Accented Normalcy -I
Painting: Black-Orange-Red - Expanse -I
Black/Orange/Red – Expanse -I
Black-Orange-Red - Layers - I
Black/Orange/Red – Layers – I
Black/Orange/Red - Music -II
Black/Orange/Red – Music -II
Black/Orange/Red - Nodes -I
Black/Orange/Red – Nodes -I
Black/Orange/Red - Ocean Rage -I
Black/Orange/Red – Ocean Rage -I
Painting: Black-Orange-Red - Parallax - I
Black/Orange/Red – Parallax – I
Abstract Painting by Sven Christensen: Black-Orange-Red - Taped -I
Black-Orange-Red – Taped -I

These glorious pieces will be released in the coming weeks as a part of the new collection for 2024 at Hardy+Christensen.

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