10 Pin Bowling Alley – Blender 3D

It took around 80 hours of development time to create this bowling scene in Blender 2.91 and 2.92A. The render times pretty long even on an RTX 2070. I haven’t tried this since I got my RTX 3090, but I imagine it would be about 3 times faster now.

The original inspiration was a CG Matter Post and tutorial on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/cg_matter/posts – well worth checking him out on YouTube and supporting him on Patreon. The procedural materials and physics tips were absolutely invaluable.

Image based Textures from Poliigon.com for the bowling lanes, metal ducting with additional noise shaders for dirt, dust and roughness. The rest are procedural with special thanks to CG Matter for the great procedural material tutorials, to Ian Hubert for UV mapping and geometry tutorials and to Zac Reinhardt at CGBoost.com for the normal sensitive procedural node tutorial. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have got off the ground.

Above is the wireframe overlay, showing the individual items, and the geometry it takes to create them.

To create some visual interest on the monitors over the lanes, I created some Strike animations to play, like you get at a real bowling alley. The one above is one of my favourites.

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