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We love diversity and appreciate the simple beauty in everyone and everything. Enjoying the world around us, revelling in the pleasure of creation and working to heal the world we live in, are the cornerstones of what we do.

We work with Artists and Designers from all around the world to bring exclusive and beautifully conceived Artworks to discerning customers who share in our vision and values.

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London based Artists, Lovers, Photographers, Fabric Designers, and Entrepreneurs

Our Art and Design House, Hardy + Christensen, was born of our love for each other, for art, for fabrics and for the world around us.

​We love to share our passion with our extended family of Artists, Designers and Customers.

New product launch

Sew your own…

We are excited to announce the launch of Anna’s Sew your own ranges.

Sew your own with Anna logo.

Taking the unprecendented step of making our Fabrics and Designs available has been a long time coming and has been
the subject of many requests from our customers at Hardy and Christensen who are keen to use our artwork and fabrics in their own projects.

In the coming weeks, we will be making our designs available on our usual high quality Organic Half Panama Cotton to purchase, along with matching plain fabric if desired for our customers to make their own cushions, bags, floor cushions and all the other wonderful things that our talented supporters and customers dream up. All we ask is that the designs are not replicated and that the items made are not used for commercial purposes.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you make!

Latest News

The Launch of Hardy + Christensen

Many of you will already know that in addition to being Artists, we also run a Studio
focusing on sustainable, responsibly sourced, and often Organic products.

During the last couple of years, we have been working on re-building Hardy+Christensen.
Since our move from France back to the UK, and through Anna’s health challenges,
not to mention the pandemic, we’ve been working on new Products, Artwork
and Collections and have recently released the following ethical product ranges:

Luxury Organic Cushions
Exclusive and Unique Wall Art on Canvas
Vegan Leather Gift
Indoor / Outdoor Designer Floor Cushions
Luxury Organic Tote Bags

Latest News

Outside the Image gets a makeover!

Since we started collaborating in 2011 – we’ve always focused on ‘Real-World’ sharing of our Art and ideals.
With the pandemic and Anna’s health challenges, we’ve learned that sharing our Art online can be
as fun and rewarding as visiting people, cities and galleries and so we have decided to give
our website a re-vamp to bring it up to date with our latest news and updated portfolio.

We’re not whizzes at websites, so the process might be a bit slow to start with, but we’re starting with
our newest collections and working back through our back-catalogue, which is surprisingly extensive.

We would really love for you to join us on our journey back through time, and then off into the future!

Other News

Our Artwork

Those of you who know us will already know that Anna’s Work is very different to mine – she is actually a better Artist than I can hope to be, although she always tells me different. Our styles and motivations are very different to each other, and because of that we complement each other really well, creating diverse and uniquely different work.
– Sven C.

We are adding our most recent series into our Portfolio with a view to working back through time to our earlier work. Over recent years, with the advent of Hardy+Christensen we have increased our body of work significantly. Experimenting in varying styles, mediums and subject matters has provided a surprisingly rewarding challenge and a range of work which is far beyond what we could have imagined – but don’t take our word for it.


We are delighted to reveal the first set of images in the Breakthru-One Collection.

This playful and surreal set of images are an exciting departure from conventional Art into an
experimental and fun journey of special effect images.

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